Cleaning out my camera

When I moved from Florida nearly a year ago I didn't have a clear plan, and things were in limbo for a good six or so months before I decided to move in with Christopher. As such, many of my boxes are only now getting unpacked in the slow process of settling in. While I'd kept my camera in my purse and continued to snap photos, I'd thought my connector cords hopelessly lost until this past weekend when I opened a box and a bunch of electronics spilled out. Here are a few of my favorite photos from the past two years or so:

Downtown Dothan, Alabama, where my mom was born. Christopher and I up and decided to make the drive from Tallahassee for no other reason than that we hadn't been there before.

Colorful horses outside an old schoolhouse in Corolla, North Carolina.

The Currituck Lighthouse, which was closed when we visited, unfortunately.

And some pretty architecture in Washington, D.C.

I've learned the secret to travel photos is to set my camera to high-speed and snap furiously as I walk.


  1. I tried to comment last night, but my internet cut out...
    1. I love your lighthouse picture! Did Chris tell you about how freaked out our parents used to get at the top?
    2. No more visiting DC without telling me! I was there that weekend and didn't know you guys were! Plus, I'll be living in Arlington in a month

    1. 1. Thanks! Chris said he really likes that one, too! Yeah, he did! :)
      2. Blame the Kenyon crew for the oversight -- I was too preoccupied with tricking them all into liking me. :) But next time we're there, we'll totes let you know!


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