November Round Up

  1. Thomas Mann, Der Tod in Venedig
  2. Richard H. Hoppin, Medieval Music
  3. Inna Naroditskaya, Bewitching Russian Opera: The Tsarina from State to Stage
Der Tod in Venedig is still ongoing, but I haven't been keeping a steady regimen. The same goes for Medieval Music. Inna Naroditskaya's Bewitching Russian Opera, however, is a page-turner.

November 2013 Purchases
  1. Mossimo Women's Solid Skater Dress in Dark Red
  2. Sam & Libby Dominique Pointed Toe Pump in Pewter
  3. J. Crew Factory Double Stripe V-neck Sweater in Cloud/Brilliant Coral
  4. J. Crew Factory Always Cardigan in Black
  5. J. Crew Factory Colorblock Boatneck Tee in Ivory/Navy
  6. J. Crew Factory Clare Cardigan in Champagne
The dress and shoes were emergency purchases for a wedding I attended. I realized at the last minute that all my semi-formal wear was only spring/summer appropriate and definitely not warm enough for a November ceremony. Now that it's over, I'm thinking about altering the skirt to make it a more work-appropriate sheath-type dress. I've lost around thirty pounds over the past few years, but never replaced my wardrobe basics, so lately I've been adding solids and classics. The fall sales at J. Crew Factory have helped a lot.

Sound, Stage, and Seminar
  1. American Musicological Society, National Chapter annual meeting
I was on the fence about going to the national AMS meeting for a number of reasons. When plane tickets and roommates fell into place, I decided to go for it, and I'm so, so glad I did.


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